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Want The Heavy Rain Demo Right Now? Here's How... [Update]

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Upcoming psychological thriller Heavy Rain won't be out until February 23. The game's demo is not scheduled until February 11. Today is February 5. So what, let's get the demo.

Sony has launched a website called "Precinct 52", an alternate reality game of sort. This ARG asks players to submit four pieces of evidence.


For those who want to play the ARG, stop now.

For those who do not want to play the ARG and would like to submit the correct evidence (at least, correct at time of publishing) and get the demo right now, continue.




The four pieces of evidence are:

• Short cigarette (117b)
• Origami bird
• Coffee shop C (it says "diner")
• 117h (tyre tracks).


Be care about which coffee shop you pick as there are several, and you must submit the correct one to get the code. Likewise, the writing on the "tyre tracks" is difficult to read.


Update: The codes appear to only work for PAL PlayStation Network accounts.
Precinct 52 [Sony Thanks dreamfall for the tip!]