Want Serious Sam HD On Your PS3? You Better Speak Up

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Developer Croteam is bringing Serious Sam: The First Encounter HD to Xbox Live Arcade this summer and, eventually, the PC. But what about the other platform capable of handling the seriousness of this first-person shooter, the PlayStation 3?


Croteam CEO Roman Ribaric tells G4 that there was a PlayStation 3 version planned, but the developer couldn't drum up the cash to make it happen. Could it still come to the PlayStation Network? Sure, but at a much later date and only if there's clear interest from the user base.


Otherwise, it sounds like Croteam's going with the advice from "publishers, investors, marketing and other suits" that a delayed PSN release just won't be worth the trouble.

Serious Sam HD Could Hit PlayStation 3 Later, But Croteam Asks: Would You Buy It? [G4's The Feed]

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I want Serious Sam HD on the PC. Where it belongs.