Want A Destiny Halloween Costume? Here You Go

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Yeah, it's a DIY thing, but it doesn't actually seem all that hard. As a costuming idiot, this pleases me.


Over on HalloweenCostumes.com there's a guide to assembling a quick makeshift Destiny costume that... actually looks pretty good. If you follow the guide, you'll come out with some snazzy Awoken Hunter digs.

So then, what'll you need? OK, bear with me. While the list looks kinda imposing, the step-by-step process of assembling the pieces strikes me as remarkably doable.

  • Gun – Shop
  • Cloak – Shop
  • Jumpsuit – Shop
  • Gauntlets – Shop
  • Armor – Shop
  • Web Harness – Shop
  • Boots – Shop
  • White Out Contact Lenses – Shop
  • Paintball Mask
  • Thin Bungee Cord
  • Something to serve as air purifiers on the mask
  • Paint – Acrylic modeling paint and spray paint. You can choose your favorite colors. For this look we used red, gray, black, and orange for the modeling paint, and forest green, black, brown, white, and bronze for the spray paint.
  • Mirrored tint film (from a hardware store)
  • Gila Window Film Application Solution
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue
  • Anything else you have around your house to make the costume more realistic (we repurposed an old Star Wars clone trooper mask as a shoulder piece)

Also, in a hilarious twist the armor they recommend that you purchase and slice up is from—wait for it—Halo. Because of course it is.

Anybody think they'll use this guide for a costume? It's a little expensive, but maybe you can find the same items on other sites for less money? I'm no expert at this stuff, but it's an idea.

Related: I still don't have a Halloween costume, and I've used up all my lookalike character options (Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop, Jon Snow from Game of Thrones). While I stew in mop-headed frustration, tell me what you're going as, if you're going as anything at all. I wouldn't begrudge you for staying in and playing Amnesia or Costume Quest or something. I've definitely been there before, and I can say with a decent degree of certainty that it probably added a year or two to the portion of my life where I don't have diabetes.

Maybe I will just go as a mop.

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I can just imagine someone dressing up as a Cryptarch, and handing out color-coded candy from their door like engrams. And wrapping travel size toothpaste in purple candy wrappers.