Illustration for article titled WalMart Holiday Clearance - 2000 Wii Points For $15

I was at my local WalMart last night due to a last minute birthday gift card from my sister, and noticed some interesting discounts in the video game aisle pertaining to Nintendo fans. Remember around Christmas when Wal-Mart stores were filled with Wii and DS holiday merchandise? Well many of them still are, and that crap has to go. Now these bargains might not be available at every store - I've seen them at two now so far - but the chance to get a 2000 point Wii Points card bundled with a crappy classic controller sleeve for only $15 is worth looking into, especially with the recent launch of WiiWare.

Other deals I saw included the DS lite starter kits with some kind of system cover and your choice of games (Elite Beat Agents, Polarium, or True Swing Golf) discounted to $9, and the Nintendo Zapper with Link's Crossbow Training at an extremely respectable $12.


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