Walks and Swordplay

To: Ash
From: Crecente
Re: How I Lost 8 Kilograms

Yeah, walks are fantastic, especially in the wild. We did daily walks in the bush when we were visiting Trish's parents in Australia's Blue Mountains last winter. I love it.


But, it didn't help me lose an ounce. You know what did? Vomitting... violently... for one day.

I lost five pounds in 24 hours and never gained the weight back. In fact, I've managed to lose another pound since. Now I'm down to a comfortable 144 pounds.


I'm also not worried about my weight. I'm worried about my cholesterol, which is why I've been doing two hours of Kendo twice a week for the past two months or so. That's also pretty great.

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I lost a bunch of weight thanks to the Shake-weight.

I didn't actually buy one, I've just seen the ad a lot...