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Wal-Mart Launches 'Operation Main Street'

Illustration for article titled Wal-Mart Launches Operation Main Street

'Operation Main Street' is not - as you may have suspected - a sinister mash-up of the Rainbow Six and SimCity franchises, but is in fact Wal-Mart's Holiday Season price cutting bonanza.The supermarket chain reckons it can save consumers around $200 Million on consumer electronics, toys, games and other gifts. $200M between them, obviously. Anything else would be silly. Among all this unfettered consumerism, Wal-Mart will showing off its nicer side by donating an estimated $20M to local charities around its stores including a $1.25 million grant to The Salvation Army. As well as the promised discounts, Kotaku readers might wish to know about the $100 Wal-Mart gift card up for grabs when you buy an 80GB PS3 for $399. If that sounds like you kind of thing, the 'series of initiatives' will run for seven weeks from November 8th across North America. Wal-Mart Launches Aggressive Holiday Price Cut Promotion [TWICE]


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Just want to point out, the current U.S. population estimate is 301,139,947. So that's a saving of 66.5 cents (roughly) per person. Which means a family of 4 will save $2.66.

But I guess someone out there can snatch up my 66.5 cents of saving if they want it. It's been years since I shopped there and I don't feel particularly compelled to ever shop there again.