Waiting for a Crash Bandicoot Comeback

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Spyro the Dragon made a comeback this year, co-starring in Activision's ambitious Skylanders series, but what about Spyro's PlayStation contemporary, that loud-mouthed anti-Mario called Crash Bandicoot?


Crash hasn't had a new console game since 2008. He's fallen off the map, and he's probably not going to come back as a Skylander. We asked Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg if, now that Spyro's been re-invented, it's time for a Crash comeback. Crash, after all, is now part of the Activision stable. His answer is above.

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I liked Spyro when I was a kid, but I never got what Crash was about?

It seemed like people only liked him because he was the Playstation alternative to Mario.

I think of him as the video game equivalent of Poochie, in both appearance and relevance.

Also, I always preferred Mario Kart 64 and Diddy Kong Racing to Crash Team Racing.