It was inevitable. This was bound to happen. Behold, an official Persona burger.

Called a "Bear Meat Burger," it features cheese that's been sliced and layered to look like Persona 4's Teddy. And no, the meat isn't actually bear meat.

The burger is being served at the Lil'Rire Cafe in Tokyo's Shibuya. As Famitsu reports, the eatery was recently converted into a Persona Stalker Club Cafe, featuring up some Persona-themed decor and serving up Persona-themed food.


[Photo: kanzaki30512]


[Photo: takahilong]

[Photo: p_kouhou]

Oh, and that Teddy burger? That costs 1,980 yen (US$17). But hey, it does come with fries.


The PSC Cafe runs until December 15.

バラエティー番組『ペルソナストーカー倶楽部』のコラボカフェが東京・渋谷に期間限定オープン [Famitsu]

Top photo: shg_devil

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