Wait, There's SimCity For The iPhone Now?

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Well, shit. There goes my free time. This has somehow evaded my notice up til now – most likely because the words "iPhone" and "game" are enough to set my eyeballs a’ rollin’ – but it appears that EA are bringing SimCity to the iPhone. And not just any version, a version of SimCity 3000 (or at least one that looks like it), probably the best of the bunch. It'll be the same basic deal, only with touch controls, extending to the use of two-finger dragging for things like establishing zones. EA say it should hit the App Store sometime in December, for the "yeah, I'll finally buy an iPhone game" price of $10. SimCity for the iPhone may ruin my life (in a good way) [VentureBeat]


I have no iPhone and it's just as well. Sim City 4 Deluxe still takes over my life from time to time. I play it obsessively for a while then I get tired of it and stop, then I get some new ideas or the bug just returns then I play it obsessively again. :P