Nobody tells me anything any more.

Seems back in March a Company of Heroes movie was quietly announced by Sony. That movie, a direct-to-DVD thing that is actually tied to the famous PC strategy title (somehow), will be out on March 19.


It's got Tom Sizemore in it. And Neal "I was in Band of Brothers too you know" McDonough. And Jürgen Prochnow. Oh, and Vinnie Jones.

The plot's got something to do with Nazi scientists, and really, being a World War Two flick has nothing in common except the setting (what are they going to share, voice actors? Control schemes?), but it's got the Company of Heroes name and publishers THQ get a credit, so this goes in the books as an adaptation.

One that, by the looks of this trailer, I'm going to enjoy. In an "oh no it's so awful it's amazing" kind of way.


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