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Wait, Are Frozen, Tangled and The Little Mermaid All Connected?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Pixar films aren't the only movies with amazing fan-theories, you know. Disney movie fans have come up with some rather out-there theories about Disney films, too.

Take, for instance, this new Frozen, Tangled and The Little Mermaid theory that has started floating around websites like Tumblr. It postulates that all three movies take place in the same universe—and no, we're not talking about how you can find all the franchises in Disneyland or something. Here's how it works.


One of the connections is about as straightforward as you can get/was already known: there's an Easter egg in Frozen, where you can see Rapunzel and Flynn/Eugene at Elsa's coronation—you can see this in the picture above, provided by Yahoo. The reason Flynn and Rapunzel are present, fans hypothesize, is two-fold. If Tangled takes place in Germany (as the original story, Rapunzel, is a German fairy tale), then Frozen takes place in Norway (as based on architectural/cultural nods in Frozen). This means it would be possible for people from each of these movies to visit each other—either by land or by boat.

Fans are guessing that when Elsa and Anna's parents go on the trip leading to their death, they were actually on the way to Rapunzel's return celebration. Here's the theory, as put forward by Beautiful Syn:


And if we go with the idea that The Little Mermaid takes place near Denmark, since the original story is Danish, it's entirely possible that their boat sinks to an area near Ariel—hell, it could be the sunken ship that Ariel goes into in the movie, as this image by shows (the sunken boat in the bottom right is from The Little Mermaid):

The likelihood that any of this was planned seems low, but who knows! The point, as it always tends to be with these bonkers fan theories, is that they're fun to think about. And it makes you wonder what other Disney movies you can mash together like this—might there be a way to make a unified Disney theory, just like there's a unified Pixar theory? Get on that, Disney fans!

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