[Image: Bandai]

In Namco Bandai’s VR game Summer Lesson, players are the tutor of schoolgirl Hikari Miyamoto. But that’s the virtual world! Now, they can have a real, life-sized Hikari statue to...put in their living room?

[Image: Dengeki Hobby]

I guess?

According to Dengeki Hobby and Game Impress Watch, the highly detailed, 160-centimeter Hikari is produced by a high-precision 3D printer, costs 2.7 million yen (US$23,800), and comes with a 10 to 15 minute CD message as well as letter from her.

[Image: Bandai]

Before buying the Hikari statue, Bandai asks you to check to make sure you have a place to put her as well as to consult with your family members and to check your wallet. 

[Image: Bandai]

You know, to make sure you have 23 grand to spend on a schoolgirl statue and that doing so won’t piss them off.

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