VR-Controlled Robots Coming To Japanese Convenience Stores

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This summer, VR-controlled robots are coming to select Family Mart convenience stores in Japan.


As Time Out Tokyo reports, these robot employees are being introduced to improve efficiency and lower costs, as offsite workers will control the robots to stock store shelves.

But... seeing the robots in action, the efficiency argument is odd.

Because, one by one, they’re really freakin’ slow!

By 2022, the goal is to have these robots installed at least 20 stores. Hopefully, they’ve have picked up the pace by then!

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You don’t need to see the robots in action to question how efficient the whole thing is...

How can one employee working remotely through a VR headset (a Valve index, no less!) connected to a PC, connected through network infrastructure to a robot putting bottles on shelves be more efficient than... a dude putting bottles on a shelf??
Also... what happens if a bottle slips and falls on the floor?