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We're nearing the end of our Game of the Year conversations here at Kotaku. This year, we opened up nominations to readers, and figured that we might as well also let readers vote for their own choice from among the nominations.


Below, find a poll for each of the games put forth in our nomination thread, each one representing at least one person's favorite game of 2013. For Reader's Choice, everyone gets one vote, so make it count! We're keeping the results private so as to enhance the suspense, and we'll publish the winner and two runners-up, along with the full vote count, next week. Voting will be open until this Sunday night, December 29th, at midnight eastern. We'll announce the winner early next week.


While this will be a cool way to see what our readers think of the games of 2013, be sure to stay tuned in early January for the annual Speakys, a much more in-depth series of awards by our reader-run Talk Amongst Yourselves blog.

Find arguments in support of each of the nominated games below the nominations post.

Ready? Get voting!

Update 12/20/2013: Voting is now closed.

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I fully expect people to be supporting Fire Emblem Awakening. Anyone who doesnt just doesnt know good it is.