Vote for the Most Frustrating Situations in Gaming

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Video game humor site Dorkly is currently holding a competition to determine the most frustrating gaming situation of them all. Are we going to let "Accidentally hitting yes when an NPC asks you to repeat the entire conversation" beat out "Dying when you haven't saved?"


I don't know, I think the voters are right on with that first one. "Accidentally hitting yes" is currently at the top of the list of some 106 different gaming annoyances, including favorites like "Escort Missions", "Over-Encumbered" and "Running out of inventory slots." I'm getting angry just thinking about them.

To make your voice heard (and for a fun trip down memory lane), head over to Dorkly and click through the voting process, consisting of 53 different frustration match-ups. It's the "Am I Hot or Not" of video game annoyances.


The Most Frustrating Situations in Games [Dorkly]

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Mr. Mosty-Toasty, fka Cracklin' Oat Train

Even though Leon and Ashley's relationship is probably the most recognizable as an escort mission, it's unfortunate that their picture has to be used in voting on negative situations. As skeptical as I was at the beginning, I thought RE4 handled the escorting aspect very well. So well, in fact, that I actually liked it. I don't remember it ever having been too frustrating or unenjoyable. And it definitely helped that you could often have her hide to keep her out of trouble.

Would most of you here agree with me, or is this just nostalgia talking? It's been a long time since I played it.