Voice of Roxas Tweets Kingdom Hearts PSP Localization

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep hits Japanese PlayStation Portables January 9, but so far Square Enix has been mum on a US release date. Luckily, American voice actors sometimes Twitter their exploits, which gives us KH fans some hope.

Jesse McCartney, the voice behind Roxas in Kingdom Hearts II and the recent Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days on the Nintendo DS tweeted two days ago: "Recording yet another Kingdom Hearts Game. All you Gamers eat your heart out! Man what a process tho. First recordin was in 2005 for game 1."


Looks like McCartney is a little confused about the order of Kingdom Hearts games. The first game — which he wasn't involved with — came out in the US in 2002, followed by Chain of Memories on the Gameboy Advance in 2004. His angst-filled performance in Kingdom Hearts II didn't happen 'til 2005, making it the third game in the series.

Miscount aside, as long as there's some evidence that Birth By Sleep is making its way Stateside, KH fan ought to rejoice. And perhaps stalk McCartney's Twitter feed for more info.

P.S. I consider it a forgone conclusion that McCartney is voicing Ventus, the Roxas lookalike in Birth By Sleep, because the Japanese voice actor who played Roxas also played Ventus and Square is pretty good about keeping the cast consistent with the exception of Ansem's voice. Feel free to argue the point the comments.

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