Voice Actor SungWon 'ProZD' Cho Launched His Career On Tumblr

During an early chat with SungWon Cho (aka ProZD), he told me that most of what he does is in service of his ambition to be a voice actor: Doing the job, rather than any specific role, is the dream. SungWon’s story is a powerful one of a person setting their sights on something and never losing focus.

In our latest episode of “Behind the Voice,” we talk to SungWon about how his career has come full circle. He got his first big exposure boost on Tumblr back in 2012, when Tracy Butler reblogged his fan dub of Dorian “Zib” Zibowski from her comic, Lackadaisy. (Today, SungWon is playing the part of Mordecai Heller in the upcoming animated film adaptation.) We talk about the challenge of making the shift from YouTube skits to voice acting, and what he’s learned along the way.


I think that interviewer got... the point!