If you're using Vimeo to upload your gaming videos, you might want to look elsewhere for your future needs. The site has announced that it will no longer allow the uploading of "game walk-throughs, game strategy videos, depictions of player vs player battles, raids, fraps, or any other video gaming videos that simply depict individuals playing a video game." "Machinima" however, is cool with Vimeo. Why the change?

According to Vimeo staffers, they don't feel that said game videos that are "direct captures of video game play truly constitute 'creative expression'" and that, frankly, the file sizes are too big and mucking up the works as a result.

There is, of course, more to it than just "you're boring" and "your videos are too big", but you'll have to read on to get the what, when and why.

For those affected, you're likely aware of the alternatives, such as GameVideos, GameTrailers and YouTube, for your game video upload needs. Unfortunately, none of those options have quite the same quality that Vimeo offers.


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