Video Proof That Outland Is The Child Of Ikaruga And A Platformer

We've described Outland. We've shown screenshots. Now watch the 2011 downloadable game from the makers of Super Stardust HD in action. The trick is the color-switching, Ikaruga-style.

When the hero is red, red bullets don't hurt him and red elevators work. Blue bullets do hurt him, but he can switch to blue. When he's blue, red bullets hurt him. Get it?


Outland is being developed by Housemarque, the studio behind frantic downloadable shooter Super Stardust HD and upcoming downloadable zombie-shooting game Dead Nation. Both of those were PlayStation 3 exclusives. Outland is slated for Xbox 360 and PS3, published by Ubisoft.

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I hate how badly YouTube has become commercialized. It's bad enough that I have to sit through ads before my video, now they need to pop up during them?