Video: Let's Read Famitsu With Us!

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You may have seen "Famitsu" credited as a source on a million blogs. Maybe you've never seen the actual magazine; maybe you don't want to. Either way, here's a guided tour of this week's issue!

I suppose we can call this "video" "podcast" "Let's Read Famitsu With Us", named with respect to my personal favorite Frequently-Occurring Japanese-English grammatical error. That being "Let's . . . with us".

"Let's have fun with us".

"Let's party with us".

"Let's dance with us".

Et cetera. Give it a try sometime. Turn your next casual conversation into modern art. It's a good feeling!


Before you watch the videos, please read this disclaimer: the camera does not flatter my two-days-unshaven face. However, you will only see my face for the first two seconds of the first video. You are advised to look away. If you do accidentally happen to see my face, accept the following apology and excuse:

I did not shave this morning because I am due to appear at a high-class party tomorrow night, and I intend to shave before leaving my house to go to said party. Men in the audience will know that shaves are closer when there's more to shave. I am sorry if my appearance causes you gastrointestinal discomfort.

That said, let us begin! It's about thirty minutes of Me, talking. What more could you ask for?

I will pretend that the constant blurry motion of the camera is to protect us from Famitsu's vigilant legal team.



Big thanks to my friend Sean for being there to enjoy the curry and make it so I didn't look like I was talking to myself.


The restaurant is the Nataraj Vegetarian Indian Restaurant, in Ogikubo. It is officially the Best and Cleanest Buffet Curry in Tokyo. If you're in the area, come on by next Friday at noon for the next priceless installment of Let's Read Famitsu With Us. We'll try to sit farther away from the fountain next time, you know. Because it adds too much ambiance to the video and also makes me really want to go to the bathroom.

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Nice post! I always knew the basic layout of Famitsu and how some parts of it were written/structured from the occasional scan online, but I've never had an in-depth review like this, so it was pretty cool, not to mention the epic commentary. And I don't use the word "epic" lightly; that was so