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There are video games that track the calories you burn while playing them. There are games that count the number of virtual miles you race in them. Mafia II tallies how long you "read" its in-game Playboy centerfolds.


I played a press demo of Mafia II several weeks ago and poked around in the game's menus. Like many other games, it has a statistics screen that shows how the player's in-game actions are being tracked. Adjacent to a standard line about how many hours and minutes the player has experienced in Mafia II is the Playboy timer. That timer tracks the number of hours (!) and minutes the player spends looking at Hugh Hefner's magazine.

Fifty centerfolds originally printed in the magazine in the 1950s (and maybe 1960s; I'm not sure) are included in the game as collectible items. They can be viewed full-screen, surely to provide a sense of historical authenticity to the game's vintage mobster milieu.


The downloadable demo for Mafia II currently available for home consoles doesn't include the stats display, though it does include five centerfolds. We'll know if the feature made it into the final game when it ships next week.

If the future of video games may involve counting even the real toothbrush strokes you make, who is ready for their Playboy consumption to be tabulated too?

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