We've seen video game musical performances in the past, but none that have managed to convey the underlying sense of despair so prevalent in Pong as this particular quintet.

Ash Ketchum and Link, otherwise known as ArachnidianDream and Lennart Jansson, arraigned music from Mario, Kirby, Tetris, Zelda, Pokemon, Halo, and yes...Pong, for Seattle's Marrowstone in the City program. The Nintendo-themed tunes are nicely done, but once you get to the stirring Halo solo you'll need a tissue to soak up the happy tears. Then, once you've recovered from Halo and feel as if you're in the clear, Pong sneaks up behind you, tackles you to the ground, and stuffs wads of melted awesome into your gaping maw. Don't try to scream; it's already too late.


Stop Playing Homework and Do Your Video Games - A Video Game Quintet [YouTube via Destructoid]

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