Video Game Heroes Try to Convince Kids to Read In These Cool Fan Posters

If your school library was anything like mine, then it had a ring of old posters around the perimeter, high on the wall where no librarian could reach to change them, trying to convince children that reading is cool.

I was a voracious reader, but I never did like those posters. (Half of them featured sports celebrities who had been traded away from local teams before I was even born.) I might have liked them better if they were like these. One Reddit user helped out his girlfriend, a middle school librarian, by putting together these posters for her library.


I still can't spell Ratonhnhaké:ton without looking it up, but I think he's my favorite of the three. And not just for the "Assassins Read" pun. Well, okay, mostly for the pun.

My girlfriend is a middle school librarian, she asked me to make some video game themed posters for the library [Reddit]


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