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A brother argument over video games has ended in death when an 11-year-old Mississippi boy accidentally shot his 9-year-old brother in the chest with a shotgun.


According to Marshall County Sheriff Kenny Dickerson, "The younger brother allegedly got mad because he got beat at some video games and got the gun." The father was outside mowing the lawn at the time.

The older brother, De-Andre Finley, admitted the weapon automatically went off when the two tussled over it. The story coincides with police investigations which have stated the weapon was too long and too heavy for the young boy to fire. "That version we can live with because it's consistent with the evidence," the police added.

It is unlikely that De-Andre will be charged, stated police. He is under 13-years-old, and the entire incident "appeared to be an accident anyway".

Boy, 9, Shot Dead In Video Game Row [Sky News Thanks, A!]

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