Veteran Game Dev Risks Health for 80-Hour Charity Gaming Session

You probably shouldn't try this at home. Leave it to the professionals—like Billy Joe Cain.

Cain's been in the gaming industry for about twenty years, during which he worked on games for Origin Systems and Electronic Arts. He also set up a world record (several of them, in fact) playing the 1980 arcade game Defender—a stunt he'd like to repeat in an attempt to raise money for charity.


The event itself, which will be streamed over Cain's Twitch channel, will take place next Saturday, when Cain will stand in front of a Defender machine and attempt to remain there for at least 80 hours—over three days—as he tries to beat the world record for longest play session and highest score. Hopefully, there will be people watching over his well-being. Good luck to all involved!

Defender Marathon - Charity Drive! [GoFundMe]

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