While at Tuesday's Capcom press event in San Francisco, I got to take a brief look at Vergil's Downfall, the first story-based downloadable content for DmC: Devil May Cry. Capcom producer Alex Jones told me that the full DLC, which will be out at the end of February, will last 3-4 hours, and will pick up where the main game's story left off. While Vergil won't have a move-set as deep as Dante's was in the main game, Vergil will still get to wreck stuff in his own way.

The bit that I played bore that out—the basic heaven/hell combo set feels about the same, but there are enough little tweaks that it let me learn new stuff without feeling like my moves from the main game were going to waste. There are also some nifty black and white animated cutscenes, which seem to serve the dual purpose of allowing the team to make cutscenes for less money and looking pretty snazzy.


Below are some screens that Capcom sent along. I had a cool chat with Jones about DmC, its reception, and how they think things are going, which I'll have up on Kotaku soon.


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