Velvet Assassin Trailer Has Two Appealing Things

Those two things would be tight pants and Nazi killing. Looks like Replay Studios, by way of Gamecock, will be serving up both in spades, as crouch-walking and fence-scaling are ideal activities for maximizing the exposure of a caboose in taut leather. Velvet Assassin also lets you shoot Nazis in the face. You've already got our attention, Replay, so don't go screwing this up with some half-baked stealth gameplay. We don't want to have to push this one to the back of the shelf for fear of embarrassment.


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Personally, I am moderately charmed

by it. It looks like it might have

some of the retro fun of a No One

Lives Forever. Hopefully in between

all the sneaking and killing there

will be oodles of atmosphere. Also,

I like women's bums in tight leather.

And the animations in this game

are quite nice. So seeing that

bum moving will be very compelling.