Vanguard Testing The Waters With Fishing

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Sony Online Entertainment's Vanguard: Saga of Heroes is finally on the road becoming a real massively-multiplayer online RPG as fishing makes an appearance on the game's test servers.


Every true MMORPG needs fishing. This is a fact that cannot be disputed without me sticking my fingers in my ears and shouting, "I can't hear you , lalalala!" While Vanguard has long been fishless, now test servers have been updated with the skill, which utilizes a rather bizarre system for snagging seafaring snacks. Once a fish is caught on your lure, you have to use your arrow keys to mimic its movements. Success drains the fish's health, while failure regains it. Once the fish is defeated, you automatically reel it in. This isn't just fishing folks - it's Fish Fish Revolution. You could totally hook up a dance pad for this to make it more interesting.

Along with fishing comes various less-important improvements, like new class / race combinations, Galleons, Enchantments, and much more. Hit the link for full details on the upcoming changes.


Update Coming to Test [Vanguard Forums via Massively]

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Screw this noise! How about putting up a post that has the developers saying that the Uncharted 2 Teaser was all rendered in real-time!

To quote:

"The in game models are the exact same models that are used in the cutscenes. They also use the exact same textures. There really is no difference between them at all.

The only difference between the cutscenes and in game is a little higher quality lighting and shadowing. Hopefully not too noticeably different. We really wanted to keep the players immersed as much as possible. This meant using the same assets across the board."

Yeah, this game is going to be sweet. Hey, at least Vanguard is apart of Sony...Or something.