Vanguard Still Wants You Back, Won't Stop Calling

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Sony Online Entertainment's Vanguard: The Saga of Heroes has gone through some pretty big changes over the past several months, including the introduction of new character models and an all-new starting area to take players through to level 10 called the Isle of Dawn, and they'd like you to come try it out again, if that wouldn't be too much of an imposition. Players with deactivated accounts (like me!) will be able to log into the game from now until October 18th for free, continuing their aborted adventures or starting up a new character to try out the Isle. Returning players who progress through the Isle of Dawn into the mainland and then reactivate a paying subscription will receive a free pair of Gnomish Rocket Boots (no relation) to help speed you on your way. As I've said before, Vanguard has some very good things going for it, and my time in the game was certainly enjoyable to a point. I'd check in again if I had the time, but with the end-of-the-year gaming spectacular in full swing I won't have the time. Anyone still playing out there that can give us the down-low? Worth the reinstall, or no?



Is there a trial for it? I wouldn't mind trying it out, I was in the Open Beta and didn't like it, but I keep hearing how much it has changed.