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Valve's Plan To Get More Mac Games On Steam Just Sane Enough To Work

Illustration for article titled Valves Plan To Get More Mac Games On Steam Just Sane Enough To Work

The creator of Half-Life, Team Fortress and Portal has a plan to increase the number of Mac games that are available through its digital distribution service, Steam. Valve plans on giving away* "some" of its Mac-specific game code to developers.


*The only real catch here is that Valve will be helping out those game creators who also sign on for Steamworks integration, the company's social networking, matchmaking and dev tools software.


The gratis graphics code that Valve plans on sharing with other is, Valve's Jason Holtman tells, "the real hard work in a making a Mac version."

Valve began shipping Mac OS X versions of its games in May, with Portal, Counter-Strike, Team Fortress 2 and Day of Defeat now available for Apple hardware.

Valve to release Mac graphics code to developers []

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Cool, I guess. Considering Macs are only, what, 10% of the market? Less? I'd rather see Valve focusing on the more important things in life, like Episode 3.