Valve Wants To Know What You've Got Installed On Your PC

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Developer, publisher and online giant Valve has long had an interest in your PC's hardware, with its series of surveys. Now, though, for the first time they're taking an interest in the software you've got installed on it.


The company revealed today that as part of an update to the Steam client users can select to allow Valve to scan not just the hardware on their PC (it's PC only at this stage), but the software as well. To do this, it'll comb through the Programs and Features control panel and list everything it finds.


"The new software component of our survey helps us understand what else our customers are using their PCs to do, and as a result, what features we can deliver or leverage to make Steam and our games better", Valve says in a statement. "PC users, developers and manufacturers will no doubt also find this information useful, so we plan to publish these results and trends over time. The first set of software survey results will be published among Steam stats at the end of the month."

Sounds invasive, but remember, these surveys aren't mandatory.

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so Steam please use this info to streamline that clunky new POS interface you forced on us and how about fixing the crappy connectivity I've been having with Steam since the last "update"?

tired of getting dropped from Steam games and chat when I live in Seattle about 8 miles from your HQ k thx!