Valve Trolls Valentine's Day With $100 Team Fortress 2 DLC

Team Fortress 2 developers Valve have put together "the most accurate simulation of an actual Valentine's Day gift ever made available to the public", and today made it available as an in-game item to owners of the multiplayer shooter.

That simulation comes in the form of a $100 diamond engagement ring, which Valve admits is "basically useless". It can only be gifted, and once sent to a player, if it's accepted, the entire TF2 community will get a message broadcasting the engagement. Both players will then be wearing the ring on their in-game models.


So it's only basically useless, not entirely useless! It can, if someone actually pays up, be heart-warming. And also a useful experiment to test just when, and how, people will stop buying superfluous shit for this game.

Happy Valentine's Day! [Valve]

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