Valve & Netflix Are Making A DOTA Anime

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Sure, why not?

Dragon’s Blood is an upcoming anime series that is “exploring the Dota universe like never before. It’ll be out on March 25, and as the trailer below says, the series has been made, “in collaboration with Valve.

This is cool for DOTA fans, I guess? Though it’s also a damn shame Valve’s anime debut (what a weird thing to type) is this, and not Seven Hour War.

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You know, Netflix likes to play real fast and loose with the term “anime,” but I guess it’s never been officially codified. Some folks would argue that to be anime, it at LEAST has to be animated by a Japanese studio, if not actually written and produced by Japanese people. Of course, the animation studios in Japan will largely farm it out to Korea and other parts of Asia for inbetweens, but the visual direction has the somewhat unique sensibility. Obviously, “anime” is a loan word to the Japanese language, which has been re-loaned to the western world to differentiate it.

Anyway, my point is, the majority of Netflix original animation in an anime-inspired styles look fine on their own (you know, for American animation that isn’t for kids or in the Family Guy style), and to me suffer by trying to include themselves in the “anime” category. Something about the color grading, static direction, backgrounds, character designs, etc all seem off. Like I know there’s bad, budget anime that is bad in all of those categories, but you know...not a compliment to say this could be on par with a bargain-bin Japanese series.