Valve: Left 4 Dead DLC Announcements Coming Soon

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Making good on its intentions to continue supporting the original Left 4 Dead, Valve says that the next batch of downloadable content for the Xbox 360 and PC game will be announced sometime this Summer.


Excellent! But when will it ship? Announcements of announcements make gamers grumbly too.

Whether that announcement of new... something for Left 4 Dead will placate the masses feeling slighted by the impending arrival of Left 4 Dead 2 we don't know. But Valve's Doug Lombardi tells CVG that someday, somehow this whole process of shipping two games within a year's time will all make sense when viewed from the mount of the grander scheme.

Lombardi also teases more Left 4 Dead 2 related announcements, presumably a doling out of details about new Special Infected types, new weapons and new campaigns. Oh, and there will be a L4D2 demo, apparently, giving you the opportunity to go hands-on with that frying pan before November.

Left 4 Dead DLC announcement soon [CVG]


Komrade Kayce

Its going to be the advanced matchmaking options (I WANT SOME WAY TO PERMANENTLY TAG RAGE QUITTERS, PLZ) the last I heard. Not *too* special.

But seriously. The rage-quitting thing. I hate you fucking guys, learn to play, please.