Valiant Hearts' Trailer in Minecraft Is Both Silly And Poignant

We've got the first trailer for Valiant Hearts, Ubisoft's fantastic game about World War I, with its own distinct visual style and powerful narration and music. Now, what if we take this visual style, and substitute it for Minecraft? Surprisingly, it works. Kinda.

Done by Minecraft machinima group PowerTnTAllOver, the trailer remake uses custom skins, maps, and occasional stills from the original trailer, along with its original soundtrack and narration. The audio is stuck doing most of the work since, let's face it, by themselves, Minecraft's blocky visuals and simple animations are not the best tools to convey strong emotion with.

On the other hand, the cinematography is pretty much spot-on, and the sets themselves are well-designed—the people behind this remake knew what they had to work with, and used what was available to them to its full potential. Which is pretty damn impressive to me.


If you wanna compare, here's the original trailer:

Valiant Hearts Machinima [PowerTnTAllOver@YouTube, via Minecraft Forum]

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The video just makes me so sad.... I wanna cry! I never liked it if people die! I don't like this, not at all.. I'd rather if they just danced at the ball... So saddening...