Vague Date for Final Fantasy XIII, Nothing For Versus XIII

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Square Enix doesn't just have a closed theater, but a closed mega theater. There was about 40 minutes or so of trailers, including new Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailers. They, of course, looked great as one would expect from a big, glossy Square Enix trailer. However, there were not solid release dates for either title. Final Fantasy XIII was dated "Coming 2009 for PS3", while Versus XIII was simply "For PS3 Worldwide". Keep in mind that Final Fantasy XIII will not be getting an Xbox 360 release in Japan and that Versus XIII has always been a PS3 exclusive.


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since when did SquareEnix state they were a Sony support group? Everyone's treating them like traitors...

I don't see what these people are losing. they still get their game, more people get to play it, and they get more people to agree with the sparkle of the franchise they love...

HOW the !#@K is that a bad thing???

And since when did ANY corporation become independent of money?

Think from dev point of view... more people play my game, more people agree on how awesome it is, and noone hates me... and i get more money... BRILLIANT! I'M HAPPY! I'm psychologically capable to make the BETTER game!!!

Of course, we could always agree that those guys are selfish and don't want us to play their games... THEIR games... how fricking lonely do they want to be??? ~_~