Uwe Boll's Razzie Acceptance Speech

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OK, so the Golden Raspberry Award winners haven't really been announced yet and even if Uwe Boll swept the infamous bad film awards, I doubt even he would have an acceptance speech.


But, he does seem awfully proud of the potential dishonors.

Emailing BollBashers.com, Boll says points out that he's sharing the nominee list with some pretty big names:

"that I'm this time also nominated as best supporting actor against stars like BEN KINGSLEY and PIERCE BROSNAN shows that my genius comes more and more into his peak stadium! all my three movies are nominated in different categories: IN THE NAME OF THE KING (what an epic masterpiece with tons of stars like jason statham), TUNNELRATS (against Tunnelrats Clint Eastwoods bullshit Letters of Imovio ..or what the fuck was the title of that movie …is an amateurclip of brainwashed patriots) and of course POSTAL (where Dave Foley dick is in a very nice shot –i created in inspiration of Jean Luc Gordards work in the sixties…you remember: the black and white stuff with jean paul belmondo…and Verne Troyer gets raped by 1000 monkeys (this was inspired by the later work of Gus van Sant .especially the work he is doing in his trailers…).!
I never won a razzie …but this year I'm sure that there is no way around Uwe Boll so that finally I get the award I deserve!"

You know, as much as I hate Boll's movies I remain fascinated by the man behind them. I wrote up a story a few years back for the Rocky about him. I spoke with Boll, Vince Desi, some of the others who have worked with him and what I came away with was the realization that while Boll sucks at making movies, he's really, really good at getting the money to make them.

Take for instance the comments from Gas Powered Games about In the Name of the King, given prior to the movie's disastrous release. It shows just how charismatic Boll must be.

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I have no interest in ever seeing any of his movies but I actuallly respect him, in some ways he's like Michael Bay. He just loves making movies, he knows exactly the kind of movies he wants to make and he won't let anyone or anything stand in his way. You have to admire that kind of passion, and as long as people keep giving him the money to do it, why not?