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Uwe Boll might actually have a good idea for a video game movie! In an interview over at New York Magazine in which he explains how he'd be a perfect fit for a Grand Theft Auto movie, Uwe is asked how he would deal with video game fans who feel he is raping their games with his horrible movie interpretations.

I think right in the Internet world there is a more interesting strategy I could go with. I have the rights to [Wii game] Zombie Massacre, and maybe we should do that movie with all the gamers and Boll haters, and people who signed that petition anti-Boll, or pro-Boll, we all meet in a big, small city — somewhere in the Midwest. And we all shoot Zombie Massacre together; they all play zombies, and they're there and can give me advice if they think they can do it better than me.


Could you imagine? Uwe Boll with a gigantic horde of gamer zombies, letting them give him input on how to make the film? It would probably still turn out crap, but it would be gamer community crap, which would make it awesome. This is just brilliant. It'll probably never happen, but still...brilliant.

Uwe Boll Explains Why He's the Perfect Director to Make a Grand Theft Auto Movie [New York Magazine - Thanks Nick!]

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