Uwe Boll VS.The Phantom

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How could Uwe Boll's Bloodrayne go wrong? They had a hot video game property, a gorgeous leading lady in Kristanna Loken, Phantom star Billy Zane...oh there we go. You should never listen to Billy Zane. According to a suit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, Boll is suing the Phantom star for $700,000 in lost revenues over the 2006 'film'. Zane allegedly suggested that Romar Entertainment handle the distribution of the film, with a $10 million advance going to the company towards a promised 2,000 screen opening, which explains where Bloodrayne's special effects budget went. The movie went on to open on only 950 screens, making back only $4 million of its $25 million budget. Boll claims that $900,000 of that $10 million advance went to Billy Zane and Romar principal James Schramm. If Boll's claims holds true, this would mean he began losing money on Bloodrayne before the movie was even released. The man is a master filmmaker, ladies and gentlemen.


Uwe Boll sues Billy Zane [The Hollywood Reporter - Thanks MrPants!]

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Maybe Uwe should sue the person he sees in the mirror, and not an actor. After all, I think the person making the movie is at fault, not the actor who has to act in such a horrible movie.