Usually, Vanity Fair’s features are all about Hollywood movers and shakers, glitzy heiresses, and intrigues at famous fashion houses. But this month, the magazine’s website has a big, in-depth article on the lawsuit between Activision and Jason West and Vince Zampella, the men who re-invigorated the Call of Duty franchise with the first Modern Warfare game.


While i am glad that we have (somewhat) moved on from this episode... i have always felt that that Acti was in the right here and this piece reinforces my opinion.

One of two things happened here. Either...

A) Activision got stupid greedy and decided that it made more sense to risk killing the golden $1B goose over $40M and if Acti is the evil, greedy, soulless company we all like to paint them as, why would they do that?


B) Zampella & West thought they should be making more money then they were (hell, the game is worth a $1B) and decided to try and sneak over to EA and see if they could get a better deal. in my mind, that seems a hell of a lot more likely.

In the end, whatever. I'm looking forward to Respawn's Titanfall, Acti has the COD machine running at full steam, lets all move forward