The Oculus Rift is a wonderful thing, but it takes a lot out of you, physically. You need to be at your best while using it, because there's a lot of stuff going on between your eyes and your brain. This guy is not at his best, and it has cost him dearly.

YouTuber iPhoneK1LLA, the uploader of this clip, writes "So we had a bit of an all day drinking binge and decided to give the Oculus Rift a try." Up steps a man to try out the OR's trademark rollercoaster demo.

I've "played" that demo, and thanks to a crippling fear of both heights and rollercoasters, nearly threw up. And I was sober. This dude, in this state, I feel for.

Drunkulus Rift - Feat SteetleyJ [YouTube, via The Daily Dot]