Colleges that provide easily-accessible free safe sex supplies are already rad, but it certainly doesn't to do something a little more playful than 'here are a bunch of baskets with condoms, dental dams and other fun stuff,' too.

Case in point: the mysterious college that Redditor ParadeOfTigers attends, which uses Pok√©mon references to promote safe sex‚ÄĒso it's a little more elaborate than just giving out supplies and telling people about STDs. Pictures of starter Pok√©mon have been hopefully glued and not stapled to Trojans, for example‚ÄĒin my perfect world there is actually a difference between the Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur condoms (which would obviously mean Bulbasaur is the awful flavored condoms because those are seriously The Worst*), but probably not.

Various STDs are also personified as fake Pok√©mon, too, and it seems they were rather clever about it. Gonorrhea, for example, is a ghost type‚ÄĒbecause you may not show symptoms if you have it. Get it?


And oh, hey. There's a Zelda reference in here too. Gotta love nerdy residential assistants!

*This is a joke, Bulbasaur is not the worst. (Maybe.)