If you could travel through time and undo a botched first date, would you? That's the question at the heart of Back to the First Date, one of many goofy games to come out of last weekend's Molyjam game-jam.

The game is based on the Peter Molyneux quote, "I wish I had some time machine and could go back two weeks. You live by your mistakes, for sure." It was made by Colin Bayer, Tiff Chow, Jolie Menzel, K Gadd, Clifford Warren, Jenn Sandercock and Jung-Ha Kim at the San Francisco Molyjam location. You can play the game for free online, and find more info here.

I sure had a good time playing it, though I don't know if disagreements over Hot Tub Time Machine lore could really ruin a date for me.

You can find a full list of Molyjam games here; I'm going to be going through these for more or less ever.