Urban Outfitters Give Some Lip and a 360 to Boot

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Distressed clothes seller Urban Outfitters is running a contest for free Xbox 360s and a copies of Lips.

All you need to do is hop over to the site and fill out a form to enter. It looks like they're pulling the winners in early January. That's the good news. The bad news is that only three people are going to win, so it looks like your chances are fairly slim.

Win an Xbox 360

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On a different point on topic:

Is it just me, or is Urban Outfitters a clothing store for the emaciated? I mean, I am far from fat, but trying on some of the clothing available made me think that the clothing are for people who have quads, pecs, lats, bis, tris, etc.

Even the fit can feel like a fat kid in a store like that.

Meh, I'll stick to Metropark, Nordstrom or Saks Fifth.