Updating Kills The Joy Of Broken Games

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Remember back when broken console games stayed broken? Commenter Don't forget to bring a towel! does, pining for the pre-update era in today's Speak-Up on Kotaku.


Enough updating. It seems nearly every game I play these days requires lengthy updates every other time I play them. The frequency of being updated is so absurd that unless I'm truly dedicated to a game, I'll rarely be able to just launch it and play.

It doesn't seem too long ago that games were shipped as is, and any issues were simply dealt with (possibly being corrected in future releases). Some of my fondest memories of older games involve these bugs. Figuring out reflect all/ultima in FF7 made me giggle with joy. Finally sifting through all the rumours and coming face to face with MissingNo was a rite of passage on the playground.


Sure maybe some things do desperately need a fix. Repeated crashing, or game breaking glitches that occur during normal play can be patched out, I understand. When I have to wait for the third game in a row to re-adjust the movement speed of ghosts, or reduce the damage of X weapon by 5%, it really makes me consider giving up new games entirely.

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I've never found the updates to take too long when playing Xbox, but my understanding is they sometimes take a while on the PS3. Is that true?

Personally, the only glitch I can think of in recent years that I wish they didn't remove was the flying sword glitch from Halo 2 singleplayer (not multiplayer!). Obviously it had to be removed from multiplayer, but I wish they could have somehow left it in for the campaign since it wasn't negatively affecting anybody. Before it got fixed I had a lot of fun flying around the Delta Halo level.