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Upcoming Horror Game Looks Cool, Makes Me Wanna Ralph

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You’ve heard of side-scrollers, but what about depth-scrollers? DARQ, an upcoming psychological horror game, allows you to bend physics in order to solve puzzles.

In DARQ, you play as Lloyd, who wakes up in a zero-gravity dream that quickly becomes a nightmare. Unable to wake up, Lloyd has to survive the nightmare world by relying on stealth tactics to avoid enemies.


It’s pretty trippy:


You can even shuffle rooms like a deck of cards.

You’ll also be able to manipulate the entire dream world by spawning items, doors, or entire locations.


According to the website, there are “sections of the game that take place in absolute darkness,” and so sound is used as a navigational tool. Some gameplay elements, such as enemy spawn locations and certain objects, are also randomly generated. It will also feature multiple endings.

DARQ was originally greenlit on Steam in 2015 as one of the “ten most-upvoted games.” The developer, Unfold Games, plans to release DARQ on PCs some time in 2017. (Update 6:44 pm - A spokesperson from Unfold Games reached out to notify us that the game’s release date will actually be in early 2018.)