Upcoming Anime Doesn't Even Bother With Rising Sun T-Shirt

Screenshot: Hachima Kikou
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For the past few years, anytime a Rising Sun design has popped up in a movie, anime or video game, it’s caused controversy. The typical result is that the motif is then replaced. Upcoming anime A Certain Scientific Railgun T avoids that bruhaha completely.

In the original manga, the character Gunha Sogiita wears a Rising Sun shirt, which is somewhat fitting as his name can literally mean “Supremacy of the Military Court.”


However, as Hachima Kiko reports, the character is wearing an all-red shirt in the anime, which can be seen in the top image. The original design (below) has been changed.

Screenshot: Hachima Kikou
Screenshot: Hachima Kikou

While the Rising Sun design is still flown by the Japanese Navy, the change does seem inevitable, especially considering how the anime will probably be screened throughout Asia, where the motif can cause offense.

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