Despite the righteous purity of the goose’s mission, TerakJK did encounter some complications along the way. There’s a pretty enormous number of items in the goose’s town-shaped playground, some which it can easily carry in its mighty, muscular beak and others it has to drag slowly. Townsfolk do not love it when the goose does this and, as people are prone to do with wild geese, give chase.


As a result, the video was filmed sans two items TerakJK forgot to nab at the time—the gardener’s hat and the hammer—and two mugs that the delivery woman in the game’s tavern area broke. Also, they were unable to fit every item in the pit because it’s surrounded by invisible walls.

Still, it’s definitely an accomplishment. We now have no choice but to bow down before the goose, who has all the things, while we have none.