If you owned a digital watch when you were a kid, you probably played "The Digital Watch Game."

Of course, you probably didn't call it that. You probably called it "screwing around with my rad digital watch." But it was a game all the same.

The goal? To start and stop the stopwatch as quickly as possible. Only a TRUE MASTER could stop at 00:00:01.

It was not an easy game.

You've probably moved on to nicer watches (and more complicated games) by now, but the small thrill of The Digital Watch Game remains. And now, it's ben immortalized at UsVsThem in interactive, browser-based form. (Okay, the actual point of the game is to hit 1 second exactly. But my own version of the game is just to be as fast as possible.)


What's your fastest time? I got 00:00:07 after going from my USB mouse to my trackpad. But I bet those with superfast gaming mice could do better.

(Via Technabob)