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Valeria Lukyanova is the self-proclaimed "most famous woman on the Russian-language internet". The 21 year-old Ukrainian first made a splash in her native Ukraine and neighboring Russia a few years back with her anime-style Barbie doll looks.


Previously, Kotaku ran photos of Valeria, who is also known as "Amatue" and "Boginya" ("The Goddess" in Russian).

There isn't much information about her in English, but apparently, her blog is full of New Age mumbo-jumbo, with Valeria's claims that she channeled cosmic energy to change her looks and that she holds the ultimate knowledge to the universe.

After she first hit it big on the Russian-language internet, netizens started digging through her old social networking posts and profiles, cataloguing all the rumored surgeries she'd undergone—from nose jobs to rib removal.


One site even ran what is claimed are Valeria's old photos before she underwent her transformation. People can do whatever they like to their bodies—but they should be honest about what they do and not pass it off to cosmic powers. Hopefully Valeria is happy with her new self.

Valeria's fame is now spreading well beyond the Russian-language internet. Recently, Taiwan's Next Media did its computerized send up of Valeria. But as goofy and kooky as Next Media is, the clip has nothing on the flash film that's on Valeria's website. The clip will make your brain hurt.


It's not everyday that you get to post a video that's more bizarre than a Taiwanese Next Media news animation. Today is not everyday. It's Monday, April 23.

Валерия Лукьянова до и после апгрейда ( 31 фото ) [Dofiga NSFW Thanks, Kuronekomiisu!]

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